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Alien by Radovan Zivny of the Czech Republic (via sheilabythesea)

"Just believe everything I tell you, and it will all be very, very simple."

- Douglas Adams, Life the Universe and Everything (via hitchhikersguidetothegalaxy)

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Head of a marble statue of Homer 
This head is of Homer, the writer of the famous Greek epic poems Iliad and Odyssey. These poems are thought to be the oldest pieces of western literature. The statue is made from marble from mount Pentekilon near Athens. 
1st century BC or 1st century AD 
Source: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 

Awesome display in a public library showing why these classics were once banned.
Keep reading, y’all.
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This church built in 1466 in Zwolle, Netherlands has been transformed into a sacred space for book lovers by BK Architecten


Deus Ex: Human Revolution 
↳ concept art

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(1) President Abraham Lincoln, who had depression
(2) Writer Virginia Woolf, who had bipolar disorder
(3) Artist Vincent Van Gogh, who had bipolar disorder
(4) Writer Sylvia Plath, who had depression
(5) Mathematician John Nash (from A Brilliant Mind), who had schizophrenia

Inspired by this post

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This is a real thing: x.

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Astronauts by Aleksey Litvishkov

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Mark Zug

Holy shit these are all from I, Robot

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Concept tank illustration by Joe MacCarthy